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AIP-418: APE Builder Developed by Sequence 


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With the upcoming launch of ApeChain, the ApeCoin community is taking a leap forward in creating one of the most robust ecosystems in web3-enhanced gaming, with a focus on content and utility to drive delight amongst gamers, reward developers, and increase the usage of $APE. Making it effortless for games to launch, attract players, and scale on ApeChain is fundamental to the ecosystem’s success. Empowering developers (and therefore gamers and usage) requires the right technology and solutions, and Sequence is excited to propose APE Builder as a platform to supercharge the development of games on ApeChain and spur the utility of $APE.

img3 img4


The ApeCoin community put its trust in ApeChain to further the goals of adoption and usage of $APE and reward the ApeCoin DAO and community. Scalable content and utility are widely recognized as the best practices for driving the use of $APE and similar tokens. However, every new chain, including ApeChain, requires comprehensive technology and solutions for developers and creators to build and launch successful, accessible content. APE Builder uniquely solves these needs and allows developers to build rewarding experiences leveraging ApeChain and $APE.



0 ApeCoin

Sequence will not seek any form of compensation from the ApeCoin DAO for the scope of work outlined herein or ongoing support of APE Builder developers in accordance with its access tiers. As mentioned above, APE Builder is free to begin using and creating, with scalable access options for growing projects that align with the incentives of the developer, ApeChain, and the ApeCoin community.

Regarding expectations of the APE Foundation, in helping to realize ApeChain’s goals, we are requesting that the Foundation provide:

Branding Authorization

  • The permission to use the phrases “APE Builder,” “powering ApeChain Gaming,” as well as all relevant APE marks, for the branding of APE Builder.
  • Sequence will work with the stewards of the ApeChain website, once they’re chosen, to allocate and maintain a URL for APE Builder. APE Builder will also be accessible via apechain.sequence.build. Finally, we will also work with the maintainers of the ApeChain website to establish an ecosystem page that will contain complementary solutions, including the many already-created tools for the Ape Community.
  • The permission to use the term “ApeKin” as well as all relevant ApeKin marks for use in APE Builder tutorials, UI, and/or marketing materials.
  • ApeKin, ApeChain, and ApeCoin’s marks will only be used for the white labeling of the platform, marketing, and tutorials for APE Builder and not commercialized. The Foundation will retain full ownership of these marks.

For select partners, Sequence can extend a unique commercial structure which removes all out of pocket costs for developers and instead further aligns the partnership around the success of the game based on primary and secondary sales.

We are excited to accelerate the adoption of ApeChain and the usage of $APE, and reduce barriers for developers and players to create and enjoy the best games on ApeChain.


Link to the full proposal: https://forum.apecoin.com/t/aip-418-ape-builder-developed-by-sequence/23164

The AIP implementation is administered by the Ape Foundation. Implementation may be immaterially or materially altered to optimise for security, usability, to protect APE holders, and otherwise to effect the intent of the AIP. Any material deviations from an AIP, as initially approved, will be disclosed to the APE holder community.

6M votes
10 days ago

AIP-419: Expansion of ApeChain Presence in Key Asian Events 



This proposal seeks to extend the success of ApeCoin’s participation in WebX2024 by strategically leveraging our presence in the Asian blockchain market. Building upon the WebX sponsorship, we aim to enhance the visibility and adoption of ApeChain within the Asian blockchain communities through a comprehensive series of events, including IVS Crypto, Korea Blockchain Week, Token2049 Singapore, DAOTOKYO, ETHTOKYO, CoinFest Asia. These events will serve as pivotal platforms for showcasing ApeCoin’s innovations and fostering connections within the regional blockchain ecosystem.

img2 img3


Participating in these events will not only amplify ApeChain’s exposure but also strengthen our ties within the Asian blockchain communities. By strategically aligning with WebX’s vision and expanding our presence in key markets, we anticipate increased adoption of ApeChain and heightened engagement within the $APE ecosystem.


Total amount requested from the ApeCoin Ecosystem Fund: $2.1m USD in APE

  1. Sponsorship: $900,000
  2. Booth Production: $200,000
  3. Side Event: $450,000
  4. Staff Expenses: $120,000
  5. Marketing Materials: $330,000
  6. Flight Tickets: $100,000

All content produced can be transferred to the Ape Foundation, marketing and communication working group or any other initiative that the foundation requests for safe keeping.


Link to the full proposal: https://forum.apecoin.com/t/aip-419-expansion-of-apechain-presence-in-key-asian-events/23113

The AIP implementation is administered by the Ape Foundation. Implementation may be immaterially or materially altered to optimise for security, usability, to protect APE holders, and otherwise to effect the intent of the AIP. Any material deviations from an AIP, as initially approved, will be disclosed to the APE holder community.

6M votes
12 days ago

AIP-426: Special Council- Future election requirement and role clarification 


The Special Council of the APE Foundation, at the behest of the ApeCoin DAO members, acts as a liaison between the ApeCoin DAO members and the directors and officers of the APE Foundation. The Special Council exists to serve the vision of ApeCoin DAO.

To further shape the success of the role long-term, the following changes are proposed to be made:

  1. Clarify that the Special Council is an “Advisory Board’’ that serves an advisory function with no corporate decision-making power.
    • Rationale: Oftentimes there is quoted confusion in the community about what the Special Council is or is not. In practice, the Special Council is in fact an Advisory Board neither corporate officers nor management executives, and they should not be viewed as such. The Advisory Board should also not be misconstrued as the board of directors of the APE Foundation.
    • An effective advisory board member brings unique qualities to the table. Key qualities and characteristics that make an individual effective in this role: diverse knowledge base, proven familiarity and understanding of the ApeCoin DAO ecosystem, good judgment, thoughtfulness, communication skills, commitment, integrity, and team player abilities.
  2. Special Council nominees must have been discourse members for at least 6-months prior to the commencement of the term for which they are running and must have achieved a minimum of Trust Level 2 on discourse. For example, a nominee for the Special Council must have been a discourse member by June 30, 2024 if they are running for the January 1, 2025 term.
    • Rationale: The primary responsibility of Special Council members is to conduct administrative review of AIPs. Accordingly, it is important for the DAO that the individuals elected to the Special Council have a strong history of participation in the discourse and with AIPs.
  3. Removal of the weekly reports established by AIP-305.
    • Rationale: It was a good experiment, but the minimal engagement metrics of the reports has shown that they have not been an effective use of anyone’s time and efforts. Furthermore, such reports are not appropriate for advisory boards.

Implementing the proposed changes could yield several benefits for the ApeCoin DAO and its governance structure:

Clarity: Renaming the Special Council to the “Advisory Board” clarifies its role and that it is distinct from corporate management and decision-making. This clarity can help ApeCoin DAO members and better understand the purpose and function of the board, leading to more focused discussions and decision-making processes.

Fit and Focus: Requiring nominees to have a history of discourse participation and familiarity with AIPs ensures that Advisory Board members are properly suited to their roles. This can result in more informed discussions, better decision-making, and increased trust from the community.

Overall, these changes aim to optimize the Advisory Board’s role within the ApeCoin DAO, promoting long-term sustainability, and efficiency.


No ApeCoin requested from the treasury.


Link to the full proposal: https://forum.apecoin.com/t/aip-426-special-council-future-election-requirement-and-role-clarification/23463

The AIP implementation is administered by the Ape Foundation. Implementation may be immaterially or materially altered to optimise for security, usability, to protect APE holders, and otherwise to effect the intent of the AIP. Any material deviations from an AIP, as initially approved, will be disclosed to the APE holder community.

6M votes
17 days ago

AIP-411: ArtJourney with ApeCoin: The JRNY Gallery Experience 


We proudly present “ArtJourney with ApeCoin: The JRNY Gallery Experience,” a groundbreaking proposal that synergizes the dynamic realms of digital art and cryptocurrency. In partnership with the JRNY Gallery, a leading force in the NFT art scene and an enthusiastic promoter of the Web3 community, this initiative is designed to enhance the visibility and utility of ApeCoin. Founded by JRNY Crypto, a distinguished crypto expert and dedicated Ape holder, JRNY Gallery is a physical NFT Gallery situated in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas’ Arts District. This proposal aims to harness JRNY Gallery’s unique position at the crossroads of digital and physical art worlds, creating a space where cutting-edge technology meets creative expression. This proposal is intended to span for one year, which will start after a month or two of setup.

JRNY Gallery is not just a gallery; it’s a cultural hub, showcasing diverse digital art talents and hosting events that unite artists, enthusiasts, investors, and innovators. By integrating ApeCoin into this vibrant setting, we aspire to cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation of ApeCoin’s potential, extending beyond the art community into the broader spectrum of digital innovation. Moreover, JRNY Gallery’s prime location within the Arts District becomes particularly significant during the monthly First Friday events, which consistently attract 15,000-20,000 visitors. These
events present a unique opportunity for extensive exposure and onboarding of the general public to the world of ApeCoin and NFTs. This collaboration marks a distinctive chance to bridge communities, enhance engagement, and spotlight the transformative influence of ApeCoin in the ever-evolving narrative of digital art.

Learn more about JRNY Gallery



The “ArtJourney with ApeCoin: The JRNY Gallery Experience” proposal is designed to deliver direct and significant benefits to the ApeCoin community, leveraging strategic branding and community engagement to enhance value. Here’s how we plan to capitalize on these opportunities:

  • Maximizing Brand Exposure: Our collaboration centered around the JRNY Gallery, especially during high-traffic events like First Friday, ensures that ApeCoin branding and messaging are visible to a large and diverse audience. This exposure is not just about visibility; it’s about creating a connection between ApeCoin and the innovative world of digital art. By associating ApeCoin with the creativity and excitement of the NFT art space, we enhance the brand’s perception as a leader in digital innovation.
  • Educational Outreach for Deeper Engagement: Leveraging JRNY Crypto’s expertise and platform, our educational resources about ApeCoin are designed to transform curiosity into comprehensive knowledge and active engagement. These resources, including an educational video and printed materials, will be curated with insights from JRNY Crypto, ensuring they effectively demystify ApeCoin for newcomers while enriching the understanding of existing enthusiasts. This approach transcends the mere dissemination of information, focusing instead on cultivating a knowledgeable and committed community that recognizes and values the potential of ApeCoin.
  • Community Events to Foster Loyalty: Hosting monthly events specifically for ApeCoin and Yuga holders isn’t just a means to gather the community; it’s an opportunity to strengthen the bonds within it. These events will serve as a
platform for community members to connect, share ideas, and deepen their commitment to ApeCoin, creating a more cohesive and passionate user base.
  • Utilizing ApeCoin in Transactions for Real-World Utility: Accepting ApeCoin as payment for gallery events, merchandise, and artworks translates the digital currency into tangible experiences and products. This practical utility not only demonstrates the real-world applicability of ApeCoin but also encourages its circulation and adoption, enhancing its value proposition.
  • Synergy Between Digital and Physical Presence: The combination of online promotion and physical gallery presence creates a synergy that amplifies the impact of each. The physical gallery attracts visitors and media attention, while the digital presence extends the reach globally. Together, they create a comprehensive platform for ApeCoin’s promotion, driving both immediate impressions and long-term brand recognition.

In summary, the “ArtJourney with ApeCoin” proposal is crafted to harness the power of art, education, community, and real-world utility to drive not just visibility but meaningful engagement and value for the ApeCoin ecosystem.


Sponsorship Details The “ArtJourney with ApeCoin: The JRNY Gallery Experience” proposal includes a multifaceted package designed to showcase ApeCoin in the JRNY Gallery:

Gallery Support:

  • Two full walls within the JRNY Gallery will be dedicated to ApeCoin, featuring dynamic digital art and information displays. This high-visibility placement and creative showcase ensures that every visitor experiences the essence of ApeCoin’s integration with art.

Projects Accepting ApeCoin & AIP-Approved Projects Section:
- Our intention is to celebrate and promote projects that utilize ApeCoin, with a particular focus on showcasing projects that have been approved through the ApeCoin DAO’s AIP process. Our commitment is to foster a collaborative and respectful environment that celebrates the creativity and innovation within the ApeCoin community. Should we decide to feature any projects or works that could be associated with the “Made by Apes” concept or any other Yuga Labs program, we will ensure clear and distinct branding and signage within the gallery. This will be done to prevent any conflation between the ApeCoin DAO’s initiatives and Yuga Labs’ programs, maintaining a clear distinction in how these projects are presented and branded.

Gallery Signage:
- A striking, neon sign displaying “Powered by ApeCoin” within the gallery, creating a visually impactful reminder of ApeCoin’s presence and support.

Promotional Material:
- Informative and visually appealing printed materials distributed to gallery visitors, offering a free, tangible take-away that deepens understanding and interest in ApeCoin.

ApeCoin Gift Bags:
- Unique gift bags free of charge for visitors to create a memorable gallery experience and foster a sense of exclusivity and community among ApeCoin users.

Monthly Events:
- Regular events at the gallery celebrating ApeCoin and Yuga holders and providing a platform for networking and collaboration among enthusiasts and artists.

Advertising Inclusion:
- Featuring “Powered by ApeCoin” prominently in external advertising efforts, such as billboards and magazine ads, to extend the reach and recognition of ApeCoin beyond the gallery’s walls.

Gallery Website Promotional Page:
- A dedicated ApeCoin section on the JRNY Gallery website, serving as a promotional gateway into ApeCoin. This page aims to appeal to newcomers and experienced Web3 users alike.

Educational Videos:
- A professionally crafted video from JRNY Crypto explaining ApeCoin’s concept, utility, and vision. Positioned prominently in the gallery and online, this video will serve as a key educational tool for gallery visitors and online audiences.

Social Media Promotion:
- Active promotion of ApeCoin through JRNY Gallery’s social media channels, ensuring consistent engagement with a wider online community.


Events and Community Engagement The “ArtJourney with ApeCoin: The JRNY Gallery Experience” proposal places a significant emphasis on events and community engagement, recognizing these as crucial platforms for fostering a strong, interconnected ApeCoin community. This segment of the proposal outlines several key initiatives:

Monthly Events for spotlighting ApeCoin and Yuga Holders: Central to our community engagement strategy is the hosting of monthly events at JRNY Gallery. These events will provide an opportunity to spotlight ApeCoin and Yuga holders, providing a regular opportunity for members of the community to meet, network, and share ideas. These gatherings could range from informal meetups to more structured events, such as speaker sessions, panel discussions, and interactive workshops. The goal is to create a vibrant, ongoing conversation within the community, strengthening the ties between members and deepening their connection to the ApeCoin ecosystem.

Discounted Events for Verified Holders: To add an element of exclusivity and reward community loyalty, we plan to offer discounted access to certain gallery events for verified ApeCoin holders. This initiative not only incentivizes ApeCoin holding but also fosters a sense of belonging and appreciation among community members. Discounted events could include exclusive viewings, artist meet-and-greets, or special workshops.

Showcasing Community Talent and Initiatives: Each event will also serve as a showcase for the diverse talents and projects within the ApeCoin community. By highlighting different Ape holder projects, art pieces, or initiatives at each event, we create an environment that celebrates and promotes the creativity and innovation thriving within our community.

Through these events and engagement strategies, we aim to cultivate a dynamic and supportive environment where the ApeCoin community can thrive, collaborate, and grow together, furthering the collective strength and vision of the ApeCoin ecosystem.

We aim to ensure that the majority of premium gallery features, particularly those related to the JRNY Gallery website and most events hosted by JRNY, are either heavily discounted or entirely free of charge. Our objective is to leverage the funding from this proposal to enhance accessibility to the JRNY Gallery and its offerings, thereby broadening participation and engagement within the ApeCoin community.

However, it is important to note that certain workshops and events may carry a ticketed price. This is particularly true for events that are hosted in partnership with external organizers who may require compensation or for exclusive, high-demand events where the capacity is limited. In such cases, ticket prices would be determined in collaboration with the event organizers, with proceeds going directly to them to cover their costs and efforts. Examples might include specialized workshops led by renowned artists or experts in the cryptocurrency and NFT space. The necessity for ticketing in these instances is to manage demand and ensure a high-quality experience for attendees, rather than to generate profit for the JRNY Gallery itself.

Our funding strategy is designed with the community’s best interests at heart, focusing on providing great value at low or no cost wherever feasible. By doing so, we aim to make the JRNY Gallery and its various utilities more accessible to a wider audience, aligning with our goal of promoting ApeCoin and fostering a vibrant, engaged community around digital art and cryptocurrency.


Promotional Activities The “ArtJourney with ApeCoin: The JRNY Gallery Experience” proposal includes a range of promotional activities designed to enhance the visibility and appeal of ApeCoin. These activities are aimed at both gallery visitors and the broader online community, creating multiple touchpoints for engagement:

Printed Promotional Materials: We will produce high-quality, visually appealing printed materials, such as brochures, flyers, and posters, to distribute to gallery visitors. These materials will provide concise information about ApeCoin, its utility, and its role in the digital art space. They serve as a tangible reminder of the ApeCoin experience at JRNY Gallery, helping to maintain engagement even after visitors leave the gallery.

ApeCoin-themed Gift Bags: To create a memorable experience for visitors, unique ApeCoin-themed gift bags will be offered. These bags could include branded merchandise, information booklets, and possibly limited edition art pieces or tokens. The aim is to provide a tangible connection to ApeCoin, enhancing brand recall and loyalty.

Regarding the ApeCoin Gift Bags and the associated branded merchandise, including information booklets and potentially limited edition art pieces or tokens, we aim to utilize these items as free promotional materials. Our goal is to enhance the gallery experience and foster a deeper connection with the ApeCoin community, not to generate sales from these items.

To add value and exclusivity to these giveaways, we are considering implementing additional layers of engagement for recipients of the more limited edition products. For instance, eligibility could be based on holding ApeCoin or participating in ApeCoin-related activities or quests designed to promote interaction within the community and further engagement with the ApeCoin ecosystem. These initiatives are intended to celebrate and reward community participation and investment in the ApeCoin ecosystem.

All promotional materials, including the gift bags and their contents, are designed to be distributed free of charge. This approach is in line with our overarching aim to provide tangible benefits to the ApeCoin community, enhancing the visibility and appeal of ApeCoin through thoughtful, engaging, and value-driven experiences at the JRNY Gallery.

Regular Social Media Promotion: Leveraging JRNY Gallery’s social media platforms, we plan regular postings about ApeCoin. This will include updates on gallery events, highlights of ApeCoin-related art, and educational content. Engaging social media campaigns can significantly extend the reach of ApeCoin messaging, tapping into a
wider, digitally savvy audience.

"Powered by ApeCoin’’ Branding: We will integrate "Powered by ApeCoin’’ branding into various promotional channels, such as billboards, magazine ads, and digital ads. This consistent branding approach will reinforce ApeCoin’s association with creativity and innovation in the minds of a diverse audience.

Collaborations and Partnerships: Exploring collaborations with artists, influencers, and other galleries can amplify the reach of our promotional activities. These partnerships can lead to co-branded events, joint social media campaigns, and cross-promotional opportunities, further elevating the visibility of ApeCoin. We will also be seeking out other approved AIPs to collaborate with.

These promotional activities are designed not just to advertise but to engage and educate, thereby fostering a deeper connection between the audience and ApeCoin. The multifaceted approach ensures that ApeCoin’s presence is felt strongly both within the JRNY Gallery and in the wider digital art and cryptocurrency communities.

Additional Exposure and Acceptance of ApeCoin The “ArtJourney with ApeCoin: The JRNY Gallery Experience” initiative also aims to extend the influence and practical application of ApeCoin beyond the gallery, further integrating it into the broader art and crypto communities:

Monthly Articles on BlockNews.com: We plan to feature a monthly article on BlockNews.com, a JRNY Club platform known for its comprehensive coverage of
cryptocurrency and NFTs. These articles will focus on various aspects of ApeCoin, such as its use cases, community highlights, and developments within the ApeCoin ecosystem. This will not only educate a wider audience but also position ApeCoin as a leading token in the crypto-art space.

Accepting ApeCoin for Gallery Transactions: A significant step towards mainstream adoption, JRNY Gallery will accept ApeCoin as a mode of payment for gallery events, merchandise, and artworks. This move serves a dual purpose: it demonstrates the practical utility of ApeCoin in real-world transactions and encourages its circulation
within the art community. Accepting ApeCoin directly ties its value to tangible goods and experiences, enhancing its appeal to both crypto enthusiasts and art lovers.

Partnerships for Wider Acceptance: Exploring partnerships with other galleries, art events, and online platforms to accept ApeCoin can broaden its acceptance and usability. These partnerships will not only promote ApeCoin’s utility in the art world but also encourage its integration into other creative and commercial endeavors.

Community-driven Initiatives: Encouraging the ApeCoin community to propose and lead initiatives that can further the acceptance and exposure of ApeCoin. This could include community-led art projects, collaborations with artists, and online campaigns that highlight the use of ApeCoin in creative contexts. By focusing on these areas, the proposal aims to create a broader acceptance of ApeCoin, both as a currency and a key part of the evolving digital art narrative. These efforts will help to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and the mainstream, showcasing the practical and innovative uses of ApeCoin in various domains.



Digital Displays: For showcasing dynamic digital art and information about ApeCoin on two full walls within JRNY Gallery.

Gallery Website: A dedicated ApeCoin section on the JRNY Gallery website, implying the use of web development technologies for creating an engaging online presence.

Social Media Channels: For the promotion of ApeCoin and the gallery’s events, indicating the use of platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Educational Video Production: Involves video editing and production technologies, possibly animation and high-end graphics software, to create a video explaining ApeCoin’s concept, utility, and vision.

Printed Promotional Materials: While not a digital technology, the production of high-quality printed materials (brochures, flyers, posters) will likely involve graphic design software.

Neon Signage: Custom-made, artistically designed light-up signage for in-gallery branding, involving design and manufacturing technologies specific to neon signage. BlockNews.com : For publishing monthly articles about ApeCoin, suggesting the use of content management systems (CMS) and digital publishing platforms.

Digital Content and Media Creation: Utilizing video and photography equipment and editing software for content creation to promote events and the ApeCoin integration.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Promotion: This would include the use of digital marketing tools, social media advertising platforms, and possibly influencer marketing platforms.

Event Organization Tools: For managing and hosting events, possibly involving event management software or platforms like Eventbrite.

ApeCoin Transactions: Accepting ApeCoin as a payment method for gallery events, merchandise, and artworks suggests the use of cryptocurrency payment gateways or platforms that support ApeCoin transactions.


Total Budget: 400,000 $APE

The budget for “ArtJourney with ApeCoin: The JRNY Gallery Experience” is meticulously designed to cover all aspects of the initiative, ensuring a high-quality execution for one full year following a month or two of setup. Below is a breakdown of the estimated costs, including the value of JRNY Club provided deliverables:

Gallery Wall Space, Setup and Operation:
Cost: 50,000 APE
High-quality digital displays and necessary renovations for the dedicated walls. Monthly updates for monitor art and informational displays. Includes a section in the gallery for Apecoin merch and other related items.

Educational Video Production:
Cost: 0 APE (Provided by JRNY Club)
Professional-grade educational video, including animation, high-end graphics, and JRNY Crypto’s insight. Designed to be integrated with other Ape Coin Education programs and initiatives.

Website Development and Maintenance for ApeCoin Landing Page:
Cost: 5,000 APE
Advanced web development for an interactive and engaging ApeCoin section on the JRNY Gallery website, with integrated features like engaging interactive elements, regular updates, and a user-friendly interface. Where we will direct local traffic that want to learn more about ApeCoin and where we will host the educational videos and materials.

Printed Promotional Materials:
Cost: 15,000 APE
Premium quality printing for a range of materials, including brochures, large format posters, and interactive QR code-linked flyers.

ApeCoin-themed Gift Bags:
Cost: 50,000 APE
Deluxe gift bags with high-quality branded merchandise, custom-designed items, and limited edition collectibles.

Digital Content and Media:
Cost: 40,000 APE
Video and photography from major ApeCoin events at the gallery from high-tier local production companies. Photos and Videos will be shared to help boost ApeCoin marketing as a whole, as well as within our own ecosystem.

Social Media Promotion and Digital Marketing:
Cost: 50,000 APE
Comprehensive digital marketing campaigns, including paid social media advertising, influencer partnerships, and content creation services.

Event Organization and Hosting:
Cost: 40,000 APE
Hosting monthly events with reserved spaces to discuss Ape Coin and its initiatives.

Advertising (Billboards, Magazine Ads, etc.):
Cost: 80,000 APE
Premium placements in high-traffic areas and leading magazines, with professionally designed advertisements.

Gallery Signage (Light-Up Sign and Other Branding Materials):
Cost: 10,000 APE
Custom-made, artistically designed light-up sign and other high-quality branding materials for in-gallery promotion.

Partnership and Collaborative Efforts:
Cost: 30,000 APE
Engaging with well-known artists and influencers for collaborative promotional efforts and special gallery features.

Miscellaneous and Contingency Costs:
Cost: 30,000 APE
Reserved for unexpected expenses, additional promotional opportunities, or enhancements to planned activities.

A message from JRNY Crypto: Hey everyone, hope you like the gallery proposal. As you may or may not know, ApeCoin is one of my top picks in the Crypto space and I’m huge supporter of the entire Yuga ecosystem. I personally put a lot of thought into this AIP and have held off to do an AIP until now because I wanted it to be something that would make a big impact by not only giving ApeCoin new utility, but also raising awareness and building community around it. I see massive potential for ApeCoin in the future and hope to see many other ecosystems adopt ApeCoin and build new products using it. The is the first step in adopting ApeCoin as the Aiur Labs ecosystem token.


Link to the full proposal: https://forum.apecoin.com/t/aip-411-artjourney-with-apecoin-the-jrny-gallery-experience/22598

The AIP implementation is administered by the Ape Foundation. Implementation may be immaterially or materially altered to optimise for security, usability, to protect APE holders, and otherwise to effect the intent of the AIP. Any material deviations from an AIP, as initially approved, will be disclosed to the APE holder community.

7M votes
1 month ago

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